wonderful lives

    In accordance with HBIS cultures promotion and innovation requirements Han-steel swears to the followings:

    -keep on the goal of" domestic top-leading and international first-class".

    -promote the spirit of enterprise of "scientific development, the pursuit of excellence".

    -foster the core life values of "work together and create common shares".

    -carry out faithfully the enterprise missions of "serve the motherland and contribute to society, own achievements to all employees, present wins to all shareholders".

    -pay full cohesion to the common ideal of " build a modern international level Han-Steel".

    -nurture the professional morals of "dedicating to Han-Steel and contributing to society".

    -strive to be the Pioneer of HBIS.


Awards are given to the winners who won glories for Han-steel


Han-Steel Youth Collective wedding


the First Anniversary Night Party of the establishment of HBIS


cultural activity

Opening Ceremony Performance on Athletic Games

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